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Administration & Customer Support

Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. provides day-to-day customer service and administrative support to client organizations. Our team ensures that proper files/records are maintained and responds in a timely manner to customer service inquiries.

Certification Management

Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. has specialized expertise in the management of professional certifications and can support the administration, operation, and governance of certification programs. We support clients in managing the key supplier partnerships required for effective certification delivery including liaising with psychometric services, and examination delivery providers.


Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. manages the publication of association newsletters, marketing material, press releases, and other traditional communication tools. In addition, we have the capability to manage and host client websites, and to support social media efforts to achieve the organization's communication objectives.

Financial Management

The management of finances is extremely important. Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. follows generally accepted accounting practices and will work with an organization’s accounting/audit firm for preparation of the annual statement and government filing.  We assist in preparation and management of annual budgets and prepare financial reports for board meetings. We will oversee the financial health of an organization and closely monitors the budget on behalf of the Board.

Governance Support

Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. supports the optimization of governance by contributing to the effectiveness of boards and committees, advising boards on issues requiring their input, advising on organization bylaws and policies, maintaining accurate records including minutes, establishing an effective policy framework and working with the board to manage risk.

Meeting & Event Planning

Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. has extensive experience in executing a variety of events including board and committee meetings, educational workshops, trade shows, special event galas, golf tournaments, webinars and virtual meetings. With our knowledge of what works and our years of experience handling events, we will ensure you achieve a cost-effective event, which is not only memorable for its content and organization, but also succeeds in delivering your message.

Membership Management

Greater membership satisfaction is key to your success and we focus on customer service every day. Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. understands the value of responding to members and potential members in a professional manner, listening to their needs and providing the information requested. Our team knows hat maintaining membership records is essential and have processes in place to keep records organized. 

Relationship Building & Strategic Partnerships

Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. has a proven track record of building relationships with key stakeholders for their client associations. Strategic partnerships generate revenues to offset costs of running the organization. Our team can assist in the development of a partnership prospectus, work with the organization on identifying and following up with strategic partner prospects, prepare sponsor agreements and track benefits and fulfillment.