What is an AMC?

What is an AMC?

Association Management Companies - Our Work


Association management companies are in the business of providing a wide range of professional management services to two or more associations.


Association management companies operate on a resource-shared, contractual basis and provide executive directors, managers, administrators and staff specialists to provide the full spectrum of effective association operations from a central office that serves as each association’s headquarters.


AMCs are specifically geared towards serving the needs of the not-for-profit sector. We understand that our clients may have limited resources and we partner with our clients to work towards ensuring these are utilized as effectively as possibly whilst still driving the day to day operations.


Through their business, AMCs are exposed to a wide range of industry practices and challenges. An AMC can draw on their association experience to develop solutions for their clients.


An AMC helps its clients save through flexible staffing, shared staffing and economies of scale. An AMC also provides guidance and support for the volunteer leadership so that the volunteer team can focus on their priorities, making the best use of everyone’s time.


As an established association management company, FWA is familiar with the requirements of meeting the challenge of serving not-for-profit volunteer driven organizations.